“…after graduating in International and Diplomatic Sciences, my true love for fashion, which I had constantly suppressed, eventually prevailed. I worked up the courage and started working as an apprentice in an atelier, to learn what was behind the making of clothes.
I started from the very basics of dressmaking, learning about fabrics, cutting techniques, sizes, styles and meanwhile began developing my own creativity.
I soon learned that the creation of a garment, from silhouette to its making, must be lovingly cared for and accompanied in its development every step of the way. I learned to follow my inspiration, to turn it into an idea, a project and eventually into a piece of clothing.
I learned what wearability means and broadened my technical knowledge, from pattern design to draping.
While continuing to develop my personal path in fabric selection, style experimentation, unusual color and fabric matching, I kept fighting my obsession for details…”

In 2015 Pietro Barbieri becomes a brand.
What will follow is a story, continually evolving day by day.